Frequently Asked Questions

I am injured/sick/etc. and cannot run. Can I get a refund?

We adhere to the standard marathon running industry policy. All entry fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-deferrable. This is noted on our registration application, and when you register for any of our events you must agree to this policy. You may not give or sell your number to another individual – if you do this could result in your disqualification as well as the runner who uses your race number.

The entry fee for this year’s event will NOT transfer to next year’s event, no exceptions. This policy stays in effect whether you are injured, have an unexpected business or family emergency, pregnancy, etc. There are NO exceptions. Any inquiry regarding this policy will be directed back to this page.

In the event you cannot run the race at all, you can complete a cancellation form. By canceling your registration you won’t receive a refund, but we will send you the race shirt after the race. Medals are not sent to those who do not actually complete the course. We must receive your completed cancellation form at least one week prior to the event date. If your written cancellation is received after that date, we will not be able to process it. Please mail to:

Continental Event & Sports Management
Attn: Cancellation Request
P.O. Box 561154
Miami, FL 33256-1154

Are the events walker-friendly?

You are more than welcome to walk in any of our events. However we do have a 3.5 hour course time limit for most of our half marathons which translates to a minimum pace of 16 minutes per mile.

Do the 5Kers receive the same things as the half marathoners?

The 5Kers receive the same amenities as the half marathoners for the most part. Both will receive event t-shirts as well as finisher medals however the half marathon medal is a bit larger.

Can I run with a baby stroller/jogger?

We do not allow strollers in the half marathon. Jogging strollers are, however, permitted in the 5K but we ask that you start at the back for the safety of the child as well as the other participants.

Can I wear headphones?

Yes, however we ask that you run with the volume at a low level so you can still hear any directions given to you along the course.

I am registered for the 5K. Can I upgrade to the half marathon?

You are more than welcome to upgrade from the 5K to the half marathon as long as there is space available and you have paid the difference in price. Contact us at to switch you registration.

I am registered for the half marathon. Can I switch to the 5K?

We can certainly switch you from the half marathon to the 5K. Please note we do not refund for the difference in price. Contact us at to switch you registration.

I cannot attend the Health & Fitness expo. Can someone else pick up my packet for me?

We request that all our participants pick up their own race packets for security purposes. However, we do understand that certain circumstances may arise where you cannot come in person. If you cannot pick up your race packet yourself, you must have the person picking up on your behalf bring the following with them:

Remember - there is NO race day pickup for the Mini Marathon.