Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon

13.1 miles


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Parking & Shuttles

Participant Parking Information

There is plenty of parking available at the start line area at Coastal Grand Mall near Dillard's. This is a point to point race so we will be providing shuttles from the finish line back to the start line starting at 9:00 am. Carpooling and early arrival are highly recommended. Additionally, if you have someone who can drop you off at the start and go to the finish line to await your arrival, there is plenty of parking in that area too (read spectator information below). 

Shuttles Back to the Start

For those parking at the start, shuttles will run from the finish line area back to the start line area starting at 9:00am with the last shuttle leaving at 11:30am. Buses will be lined up on 8th Ave N and Ocean Blvd. and will run throughout the morning.  Just follow the signage from Plyler Park, walking south 2 blocks before boarding the buses.  All you need to board the bus will be to show the driver your bib number. And if you used our Gear Check Services, do not forget to pick up your bag at the finish line before boarding the shuttle buses.  Gear Check Services will be located on Ocean between 8th and 9th Ave N. Shuttle service is for participants only.  

Parking Instructions for Spectators 

This information is for those spectators who need to get to the finish line after dropping off participants at the start line on Sunday.....

  • All cars must exit Coastal Grand Mall using the south exits in between Mall Dr and 17th Ave South. Look for parking volunteers directing you to the exit.  
    • Do not use any other exits or you will run into the course route!
    • If you exit using Mall Dr (near Burger King) you will be unable to make a left onto Harrelson Blvd. You will have to exit right and make a u-turn when possible to head south.
  • Make a right turn onto Seaboard St.
  • Turn left onto Harrelson Blvd (towards the airport).
  • Make a left turn on N Kings Highway (US 17) and head North to the area between 9th and 10th Ave N then proceed to find parking in the area. 
  • There is both street parking, as well as a very large municipal parking building by the finish.
  • Make sure to obey all no parking and parking meter signs. Many street parking spots are metered seven days a week so plan ahead and bring change.

  • Click here for a helpful map. (remember - do not exit the mall using any other exits except for the ones listed above!)